Challenges of The Pest Control Industry Of Nigeria

According to the Collin’s Dictionary, ‘A Challenge is something new and difficult which requires great effort and determination’. All industries have their challenges and the Pest Control is not an exception. Recently, we had an interactive online session with some of our participants and the question on challenges of the industry was thrown to the house, we got amazing collations both from personal experiences and researches carried out. Some of the prevalent challenges of the industry are:



There is a general misconception where everybody goes to the market and purchase Agro Chemicals, these are way different from pesticides because pesticides are meant to be used indoors/in houses as some of them are public health chemicals but we have less than 3% of these Public Health Pesticides in the market for instance, when you go to any chemical market what you find are Agro Chemicals with an inscription written Agricultural Pesticides, unfortunately these are what almost everybody introduced to clients.

Public Health Chemicals are available but very expensive, for instance, a 500ML of Public Health Chemical can be sold for N15,000 per bottle compare to a 500ML agrochemical that can be sold for N2,000 per bottle, most professionals are guilty of this because of what they see in the market, and what you see is what you buy and what you buy is what you use.

These limitations sometimes are because of the stringent measures on importation



Quackery, the characteristic practice of quacks or charlatans, who pretend to have knowledge and skill that they do not possess. There are so many quacks in the industry who have no prior training or knowledge whatsoever about what pest control entails. Professionalism should be the very essence in a business. In Nigeria, it is rampant to see ‘hustlers’ (untrained, and unlicensed pest controllers in the industry) with Jacto Sprayers clanged to their backs claiming to be Professional Pest Controllers, these self-acclaimed professionals are way popular than the real professionals, therefore the general misconception of the whole pest control industry to the general public.



Financial capabilities of clients to pay for quality professional pest control management services; a large number of clients as a result prefer to patronize quacks.  For instance, how many clients are willing to pay N40,000 for a three-bedroom flat? A very few I must say and this is as a result of their lack of understanding about the first challenge we mentioned – public health chemicals and agrochemicals. All the client want is to get his/her apartment fumigated and do not care about chemicals used.



Starting up a new business is always challenging, there are some specific financial challenges that young entrepreneurs have to contend with which do not affect older businessmen frequently.

Entrepreneurs who are middle-aged or older have often built up some savings that they can draw on in the very early stages. In contrast, young entrepreneurs are just at the beginning of their earning days. They do not have any nest egg to use as emergency funding.

Every new business idea, no matter whether it is for products or services, requires one vital thing: Money. It can take years before a new business starts making profit, but that does not mean it will not succeed. Every entrepreneur needs to begin with a certain amount of capital to pay for the cost of hiring staff, renting premises, buying or leasing equipment, marketing, etc.



Making known your products or services is also another challenge faced by startups, but this huddle can be strategically scaled.

It is in your best interest to be a visible brand. Consumers should be able to easily find you – if they stumble upon your business time after time, you will become part of their lives and they are likely to reach out to you when in need of a specific product or service.