Due Process for Registration As An Accredited Fumigator/Pest Control Agent with LASEPA

  1. Submit an application letter addressed to the General Manager, LASEPA (on letterhead) to the Agency. Attach copies of CAC certification, company profile & evidence of training & certification.
  2. Collect an application/accreditation form from C&HMM department, fill appropriately and submit for assessment.
  3. A demand notice is issued with payment details i.e. amount payable, payee ID, account details, etc.
  4. Make payment to the designated account as stated in the demand notice
  5. The Agency does continuous monitoring of the activities of all accredited fumigators and pest controllers through a feedback mechanism where clients fill an online form to assess the service of the registered pest controller
  6. he Agency may also pay scheduled visits to fumigation sites without the knowledge of the fumigator to determine if the exercise is environment friendly and if best available practices are being deployed during the exercise.
  7. Clients not meeting up to standard may be blacklisted and their renewal rejected by the Agency.
  8. The Agency may send representatives to monitor accredited fumigators’ activities (especially at major outlets/facilities) randomly to ensure that Standard Operating Procedures are followed.
  9. All accredited pest control operators are mandated to attend continuous annual trainings by LASEPA/EHORECON/PECAN. Evidence of this will be utilized to process annual renewal of permits.

For more information, please visit LASEPA office at Alausa-Ikeja. Lagos