Government of Canada finally consider Pest Control and Fumigation Professionals and others for Permanent Residency.

Starting from November 16th 2022, Pest control and fumigation professionals who wish to relocate to Canada will be eligible to apply for permanent residency.

This was a recent announcement of the IRCC. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), a department of the Canadian Government in charge of Immigration affairs, encouraging non-citizens with certain job skills and knowledge to apply for PR (Permanent Resident)/ Work Visa.

Pest Controllers and Fumigators and few other professions have been added to this list for the first time since the program started, Other qualified occupation effective November 16th, 2022 are Dental assistants, Elementary and secondary school teacher assistants, pharmacy technical assistants and pharmacy assistants, transport truck drivers, aircraft assemblers etc.

The pest control industry has been neglected for so long regarding this scheme.

Rotimax pest control training academy under the Leadership of PCO Tolu Caleb, a recipient of Level 2 award in pest management from British Pest control Association, a program that requires physical classroom training in the United Kingdom have been at the forefront of increasing awareness about the pest control industry of Nigeria and orienting the general public on commencement of the Academy in the year 2013 in Lagos Nigeria.

Rotimax Pest Control Training Academy is open to train and retrain interested applicants as proof of pest control experience will definitely be needed, pest control professionals interested in attaining global presence, this is an opportunity! utilize it accordingly.

Other criteria will be nationality, language ability, work experience, details of any job offer etc.

If you are eligible or meet the requirements, you will be put in a pool of candidates for immigration, and possibly invited to apply to immigrate.

For more information please check the Canadian immigration website.